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Toastmasters Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) is a program that provides training for communication and leadership skills development, hands-on activities, educational workshops, games and outdoor activities for students. This program is offered to students from colleges and secondary schools from Sarawak as a weekend after-school activity.

   Programme Highlights

  • Speech Preparation and Delivery Skills
  • Theme Songs
  • Workshops
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Games
  • Speech Contest
  • Motivational Talks
  • Talent Time and more...

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Theme: I Believe

Venue : Methodist Centennial Park
              Sibu, Sarawak

Date    : 10-13 Aug 2019

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Youth Leadership Camp
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Through this fun and exciting program, the participants will learn about Toastmasters International's proven and effective communication and leadership skills.

Swan City Toastmasters Club is organising the YLC with the primary objectives of providing an opportunity for the youth:

1.    To enhance their communication and leadership skills
2.    Character Development
3.    Interact and learn from their fellow students and participants
4.    Live life to the fullest

This year's YLC will be held at Methodist Centennial Park, Mile 19 Jalan Oya, Sibu, on 10-13 August 2019. We are honoured and delighted to have district speech champions and distinguished toastmasters as our speakers.

We look forward to seeing you at the camp!

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Toastmasters YLC is a community project organised with pride by Swan City toastmasters
Toastmasters Youth Leadership Camp